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Vodkaqueen 10-06-2012 11:20 PM

Bristol - View of the bridges
I may have the chance to get to the Bristol area this week, just for a couple of hours in the late afternoon. When I went to the Zoo before my mum mentioned a village or place nearby where you could see both bridges but I can't remember where it was (and neither can she)!

Does anyone know of any interesting places to see in this area (preferably free or where is a good spot to get the bridges? I have had a glimpse of them from afar (near Sheerness Harbour) but they were only shadows in the mist. Dog friendly would be a bonus as I probably won't get out the door without the dog once she sees my friend and the car but not a must as she will sit quietly in the car without being destructive.

This is a new area to explore as I normally head coastwards towards Portsmouth and Spinaker but think this could be an interesting change of scenery

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