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Ferd 20-09-2021 09:17 PM

So, speed limits now for 2021
Oh and scameras as well: around 4min20s

Frenchie 21-09-2021 08:16 AM

Interesting video Ferd. I guess they are trying to make it safe. What happens if you exceed the limits? Also have dashcams and timers always been banned? and will that be informed?

Neil97rs 21-09-2021 04:53 PM

Lap timers have been banned for some time
Not sure what will happen if you get caught. I presume as its an public road the process will be the same as any other camera and you will get the letter in the post
Not sure they will chase people out of the country for it though

Steve_PPP 22-09-2021 10:35 AM

The speed limit at the Breidscheid exit has been there for years now, but its not enforced and generally ignored by most people. If you watch footage from some of the taxi lap companies they generally cut that section from the video so they can't be proven to be ignoring the limit.

I think its some bad editing, one guy refers to camera operators, then it cuts back to the in car footage about the speed limit on one corner. I suspect the cameras they are referring to are safety cameras (to spot problems, be more effective with incident response/closures) rather than speed cameras. The Nordschleife is a huge cash cow for the region, they wouldn't want to risk that by ruining the experience for visitors...

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