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Originally Posted by viper1982 View Post
Taking advantage of a Vagcom KKL FTDI chip interface cable with which I connect to the ECU, I decided to leave it permanently connected for convenience.

1 - Remove the ODB connector from the socket to leave the interface connected behind so that it is not visible and does not disturb.

2 - With a universal male / female USB cable, communication will be made between the interface and the PC.

3- Find a comfortable place where to make the connection socket.

4 - My notebook has a feeding range of 19 Volt. Doing tests I could see that this one with 14 volts worked correctly only that the battery will not be charged for obvious reasons of lack of more current, but it supports it.

5- I personally chose a stereo Audio Plug to carry out the feeding for comfort and aesthetics. The (+) is the mineral sentral pin that (-) is the connector chassis.
The installation has its own 10 Amp fuse. For security. The 12 Volt supply is taken from a direct main battery line. To avoid that the feeding is interrupted if I stop the vehicle.

Despite the length of the cable I have not noticed any difference in the readings, it works properly. I have already tried it with very good results and connecting with the pc in the car is a matter of seconds.

In the photos that I upload in an orderly manner, the process will be seen.
Nice, I have a similar USB connection tucked into the side of the console, connected to my FC DataLoggit for the Apexi PFC