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As per post #1

last summer my cam caught an accident where a Bus punted a Corsa that was waiting to turn right (at a poorly positioned angle) in to an oncoming vehicle. Please ignore the absolute TOSS radio 4 were broadcasting at the time.

Fri 28th Aug 2015 evening approx 19:30 BST

Bromley road (A21) near junction of Daneswood Avenue (on the right) :

My dashcam captured footage of a road traffic incident whereby a Stagecoach 136 bus LX55 BEO crashed in to rear of the Vauxhall Corsa, forcing it into oncoming traffic where it strikes the rear quarter of the Ford Focus.

Geographical location in StreetView

As a witness I made my details available to the Police, to pass on to the parties involved, the two lady drivers as you can see removed themselves from their damaged vehicles.

Yesterday I received a letter from the Met:

So it seems the poor Focus (I think) driver was actually uninsured and there for deserves no sympathy... Initials S.M.

R.H. the other party who got done for due care, has apparently got an Iranian sounding name* so perhaps was the bus driver rather than Sri-Lanken looking ladty who had been in the Corsa which was smashed in both ends.

*According to two of my colleagues...

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