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Old 09-08-2019, 10:55 PM
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Default Golf GTI CS S

Hello folks, I've had a lot of house stuff going on so not really been able to post much car stuff. So, the WR1 went, px'd for the Golf GTI Clubsport S. I'd intended to take the WR1 to the Ring but it had a couple of niggles that I think would have been an issue after a few laps. Having said that I did get it prep'd ready to go and it was only that the CSS came up and the PX was kind of ok that I went for it. The WR1 was a good car but I don't think I ever really connected with it on track for some reason.

Anyway the ClubSport S. In my opinion it's probably the best all round car sports car you can get for the money. It's collectable, out of the box ready for the track needing nothing doing and if you want you can tune them and the engine will take a fair bit. So what is it. It's essentially a striped out 2 seat Golf GTI with a dry weight of 1275kg and the engine out the Golf R (modified internals, different to the standard GTI) but with trick suspension and Diff to have given it the FWD Ring record back in 2016 - beaten I know by the FK8 and now Megane - but it's still pretty quick. For a start it's modern, the newest car I have had until this was like 2006/7 so the game has moved on. Lots of gizmo things on the car computer thingy. G meter, power thingy, sat nav, dual climate watset, tyre pressure sensors, heated seats, has the optional Air Con which was deleted for weight by some, some kind of radar thingy, electronic dif, chassis dynamic control, different engine modes, no rear seats, cross bar an net at the back. It has a lot of things going on and I seem to discover something new each time I take it out.

The interior is really nice. It's got that germainc build quality with the LED interior light thing going on with alcantera wheel and the buckets seats which are really supportive. They are proper climb in in an out of jobs. They are a bit tight on a run over distance but on track and spirited driving they a grade A. All of the switch gear feels quality and its a really nice place to be. There is more interior sound as you lack the rear seats but that kind of adds to the character. The dash, dials are all really nicely laid out and they ooze quality with the subtle lighting. From the rear hatch view into the front it looks touring car-esk with the gloss black backed recarro's which are in similar VAG / RS models.

It has different driving modes, suspension, engine, diff etc. Race puts all of them to firm and the engine pops and banks on overrun. Not like a scoob but for a factory car it's not bad. It really pulls like a train and is really responsive, in part I think due to the weight and the turbo seems to spool very quickly. I think the steering is probably the best part to the package, turn in is super sharp, the rack is really quick and you have load of grip with the M Cup 2s tyres. I think its probably slower than the WR1, feels less touquey but dynamically its next level. The car does sit quite high in standard guise, no issue with sleeping policemen etc, it could probably be dropped a bit but it's just so competent at the corners I've not really thought of tinkering with the suspension set-up. It's a dote, make you feel really special when driving it, really exciting. There are faster cars out there for sure at a simlar price point but the dynamics of this thing are really epic. The golf as a package is really good - I recon the Golf GTI Performance Pack could be a really good proposition as an all rounder. I know the R's are common but they are a good car. Be interesting to see what VW bring out with the mk8 but I think they are using the same engine at the 7/7.5.

It was 2nd in EVO Car Of The Year 2016 - beaten only by non other than the 911 R which for a 2 litre golf ain't too shabby.

ECOTY 2016 >>>

Volkswagen - car for the people, tick.

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Old 10-08-2019, 09:03 AM
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Amazing looking machine and the spec is unreal...

Loved it at the ring and the pics really make it stand out...
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Old 10-08-2019, 09:34 AM
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Very nice , didnít realise they did this model.
Old 10-08-2019, 10:20 AM
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The CSS is certainly a very nice car..

Hopefully next year we can have a play in Germany..
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Old 10-08-2019, 01:31 PM
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presumably now they have Porshe in the fold they have the ability to use their ideas / naming process as its something they have done for quite some time........

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