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Old 10-05-2023, 09:51 PM
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Default Rear caliper re-build "in-situ"

As normal this time of year my Ver 1 WRX hits the roads again. Having spent the winter parked to avoid the road salt aka JDM killing acid water, the rear caliper were locked up to the point the car wouldnt move at all. This was early last month.

I knew getting a proffessional to rebuild the caliper isnt in my budget right now, nor is getting new calipers... time to crack open the tool chest.

Started on the first rear caliper, took out the lower bolt, tilted the caliper up so piston is clear of the disc. Well and truly jammed in there so decided to use the miracle of hydraulic pressure to help me. Floored the brake pedal, audible "pop and ping" piston shot out ! (Cardboard on floor so as not to chip the piston)

Next step is use brake cleaner and sandpaper 2000 up to 7000 grit to get the caliper bore and piston to an almost mirror finish, new ebay seals and rubber fitted , piston goes back in and bobs your uncle!

Same on the other side, followed by new brake fluid, vacuum bleeding pump and all done.

2 hours (mostly polishing) , 20 seals off ebay, sand paper, brake fluid... and thats how you do a budget, quick rebuild if you need to get your car on the road in a hurry. Only thing not included in the seal kit was new bleed nipples but mine are fine anyway.
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Old 11-05-2023, 08:32 AM
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make sure you don't use 'copper grease' or similar anywhere near the sliders, slider seals or piston attacks the rubber and can cause massive issues
make sure you only use a hydraulic type grease like "red grease"

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